Atmospheric Research concern domains such as dynamics, atmospheric physics and chemistry and also include more climate change-oriented studies. To carry out these research activities, the scientific community use models as well as observations that are obtained by means of satellite, airborne vehicle and ground-based facilities.

One of the challenges of this century is to make available all these observations to a broad community, for research and commercial applications. To be useful, these data must be of high quality and well documented (be calibrated, validated, and homogenized). Data are often processed in laboratories and observatories, then submitted and integrated into international data bases, in addition to their national diffusion. This organization requires the gathering of a lot of researchers and technical staff with trades and varied complementary skills. Since 2007, several “Pôles Thématiques“ have been created in France, one being dedicated to atmospheric chemistry data (ETHER) and the other one on Aerosols-Clouds-Interactions with Radiation data (ICARE) in Lille. In addition, the SEDOO service manages data from field campaigns and some ground-based data in the Midi-Pyrénées Observatory, in Toulouse. The last one is the CLIMSERV service within ESPRI, in Paris.

The creation of the « Atmosphere and Service Data Pole » AERIS has for objective to facilitate and enhance the use of atmospheric data whether from satellites, ground, airplanes or balloons. For this, AERIS generates products from observations, but also provide many support services for the use of data, help to conduct synergies, campaigns or interface with models. AERIS aims to strengthen the existing systems consisting in four Data and Services centers that are defined as having the capabilities to manage data collectively. In addition, laboratories, laboratory networks or centers of expertise are essential actors for algorithmic development and prototyping. A significant advancement over existing data centers or bases is to develop an effective governance and value-added products for the community.

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  • January 2017: Launch of the European project EUROCHAMP 2020


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Educational version of ECCAD

An educational version of the ECCAD data portal has recently been developed (https://eccad-edu.sedoo.fr/). It offers to high school teachers a selection of representative emission data and additional data (vegetation map, soil map and climatology) to cover different fields of study. Many tools are available (map displays and comparisons, time series… Continue Reading

IASI+GOME2 multispectral observation of ozone

IASI+GOME2 is the multispectral observation of ozone at the lowermost troposphere and above from synergism of IASI thermal infrared and GOME-2 ultraviolet measurements. This currently unique approach has been developed at the LISA laboratory (Laboratoire Inter-universitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques UMR 7583 CNRS/UPEC/UPD), in collaboration with the Harvard-Smithonian Center for Astrophysics… Continue Reading

Start of the Hemera H2020 project

Last August, European union has selected the H2020 Hemera project which is dedicated to balloon-based observations of Earth and space. The project will start in November. In this program, Aeris is responsible for building the data center and the information site.

Eurochamp 2020 data available

Aeris is one of the main participant of the implementation of the new datacenter for the research infraastructure Eurochamp H2020. The two historical databases, chamber experiments and Mass/IR spectra, are now available for download on the new website: https://data.eurochamp.org. Data can also be downloader through the Aeris catalogue.

Stratoclim main campaign

StratoClim is a FP7 EU project aiming at elucidating the impact of the Asian Monsoon on the composition of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere and the induced climate effect. The central activity is an airborne campaign conducted with the M55 Geophysica equipped with a comprehensive payload that fully characterizes… Continue Reading

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