AERIS Catalog

The AERIS catalogue presents all the data available in the AERIS CDS. It is composed of :

  • A common metadata database fed by the CDSs
  • A user interface (full-text or multi-criteria search, basket for downloading…)

A system of filters (project, theme…) also allows you to present a subset of the catalogue on a project’s website, notably by customising the search criteria proposed. For example, the search criteria can be personalised:

In the catalogue, metadata are described in a specific AERIS format but compatible with standards (ISO 19115, INSPIRE…) and extensible to adapt to the specificities of certain types of data (airborne data, simulation chambers…). An export to standard formats or to other portals can be set up on request.

A new version, currently under development, will be delivered in 2021. More modular, it will offer a clearer display of the metadata and, in particular, the following additional functionalities:

  • Authentication via SSO AERIS (ORCID and eduGain accounts)
  • Online editing of metadata sheets
  • Simplified assignment of DOIs (online application by IPs)

Developments will continue with the main objectives of :

  • Further implementation of the FAIR principles
  • Facilitate interoperability between CDSs and with our partners (ACTRIS, Data Terra…)

AERIS Thesaurus

To facilitate data classification and discovery, parameter categories, platform and instrument types and projects are described using controlled vocabularies. The first three are inspired by the GCMD (Global Change Master Directory, see keywords.

To make them FAIR, these vocabularies are currently being published (link to come). This will facilitate their alignment with other vocabularies (e.g. those of the other Data Terra centres).

Assignment of DOI

A DOI is a unique identifier permanently assigned to a digital object, in this case a dataset. Once created, a DOI cannot be deleted but the associated information can be modified, in particular the URL of its landing page.

Such an identifier allows to :

  • Guaranteeing long-term access to the resource (more sustainable than a simple URL)
  • Facilitating the discovery, sharing and reuse of data
  • Facilitate quotation

AERIS has an agreement with the INIST to assign DOIs to catalogue datasets (at the request of its manager). For these datasets, AERIS undertakes to :

  • Ensuring data quality
  • Ensuring their accessibility in the long term
  • Maintain an accessible landing page, containing: a sample citation, full metadata and information on how to access the data.

AERIS only assigns DOIs on data sets for which the centre is responsible and which are correctly registered in the catalogue. However, in the event of a more urgent need to obtain a DOI, for example for data associated with a publication, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be able to direct you to the service best suited to your situation.

This service follows the recommendations of the Interpole Group. For more information: