In less than a week, the 2022 edition of the EGU will start, in which AERIS is participating. We have put together a programme for you to see all the presentations by scientists using AERIS data. You can also come and see a general presentation of AERIS during the TownHall Meeting on Tuesday 24 May at 7pm in room G1, so don’t hesitate to share the information and come to see us!

Monday 23 May:

GI6.2 Airborne observations in multidisciplinary environmental research using European Research Infrastructures; observations, campaigns and future plans Mon, 23 May, 13:20-16:40 (CEST), room 0.51

  • 14:07–14:13 EGU22-8353 New EUFAR flight finder 

Vianney Retornard, Damien Boulanger, Wendy Garland, and Paola Formenti

  • 14:19–14:25 EGU22-837 : Airbone data strategy in the French National cluster AERIS Olivier Bex-Chauvet, Sébastien Payan, Damien Boulanger, Asmae Bouhouili, Vianney Retornard, and Cathy Boonne
  • 14:25–14:31EGU22-7775 : The New IAGOS DATA PORTAL Damien Boulanger, Asmae Bouhouili, Olivier Bex-Chauvet, Pawel Wolff, Valérie Thouret, and Hannah Clark

Machine Learning for Climate Science ITS2.7/AS5.2 Mon, 23 May, 08:30–11:50 (CEST), 13:20–14:50 (CEST), 15:10–16:40 (CEST) Room N1

  • 16:10–16:15 EGU22-11451 Time evolution of temperature profiles retrieved from 13 years of IASI data using an artificial neural network

Marie Bouillon, Sarah Safieddine, Simon Whitburn, Lieven Clarisse, Filipe Aires, Victor Pellet, Olivier Lezeaux, Noëlle A. Scott, Marie Doutriaux-Boucher, and Cathy Clerbaux

Polar Ozone and Polar Stratospheric Clouds Mon, 23 May, 10:20–11:50 (CEST) Room 0.31/32

  • 10:25–10:32 EGU22-7991 Total ozone loss during the 2021/22 Arctic winter and comparison to previous years

Andrea Pazmino, Florence Goutail, Jean-Pierre Pommereau, Franck Lefèvre, Sophie Godin-Beekmann, Alain Hauchecorne, Audrey Lecouffe, Martyn Chipperfield, Wuhu Feng, Michel Van Roozendael, Nis Jepsen, Georg Hansen, Rigel Kivi, Ramina Alwarda, Kimberly Strong, and Kaley Walker

Tuesday 24 May :

Dynamics and chemistry of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UTLS) Tue, 24 May, 08:30–11:50 (CEST), 13:20–14:50 (CEST) Room 0.11/12

  • 09:24–09:31 EGU22-5972: Ascending smoke vortices in the stratosphere Bernard Legras, Aurélien Podglajen, Pasquale Sellitto, Hugo Lestrelin, Jehanne Reboud, Josselin Doc, and Guillaume Lapeyre
  • 09:31–09:38 EGU22-5597: Australian smoke-charged vortex observations above New Zealand Sergey Khaykin, Richard Querel, Ben Liley, Tetsu Sakai, Osamu Uchino, Isamu Morino, Sophie Godin-Beekmann, Alain Hauchecorne, and Bernard Legras
  • TM2 : AERIS: A unique data cluster for atmospheric data and services Tue, 24 May, 19:00–20:00 (CEST) Room G1

Thirsday 26 May :

Satellite observations of tropospheric composition and pollution, analyses with models and applications Thu, 26 May, 08:30–11:50 (CEST) Room 0.11/12

  • 08:33–08:43 EGU22-900 Air Quality: From Science to Action

Guy Brasseur, Cathy Li, Claire Granier, Thierno Doumbia, Mikhail Sofiev, Renske Timmermans, Gabriele Pfister, Rajesh Kumar, Sara Basart, Olivier Salvi, Bastien Caillard, and Yvonne Boose

  • 10:44–10:51 EGU22-8473 Detection of extreme events from IASI observations

Adrien Vu Van, Anne Boynard, Pascal Prunet, Dominique Jolivet, Olivier Lezeaux, Patrice Henry, Claude Camy-Peyret, and Cathy Clerbaux

  • 10:51–10:58 EGU22-7650 Land use change and meteorology effect on atmospheric ammonia as seen by IASI  

Rimal Abeed, Camille Viatte, Cathy Clerbaux, Lieven Clarisse, Martin Van Damme, Pierre-François Coheur, and Sarah Safieddine

Late-breaking session: The 15 January 2022 Hunga Tonga Volcanic Eruption – Observation, Understanding and Impact of large explosive volcanic eruptions Thu, 26 May, 08:30–11:47 (CEST) Room N1

  • 09:08–09:15 EGU22-13599 Early evolution of the Hunga – Tonga Volcanic Plume from Lidar Observations at Reunion Island (Indian Ocean, 21°S, 55°E)

Alexandre Baron, Guillaume Payen, Valentin Duflot, Patrick Chazette, Sergey Khaykin, Yann Hello, Nicolas Marquestaut, Marion Ranaivombola, Nelson Bègue, Thierry Portafaix, and Jean-Pierre Cammas

  • 09:29–09:36 EGU22-13595 Persistence Hunga Tonga plume in the stratosphere and its journey around the Earth.

Bernard Legras, Sergey Khaykin, Aurélien Podglajen, and Pasquale Sellitto and the ASTuS

Friday 27 May :

Remote Sensing of Clouds and Aerosols: Techniques and Applications  Fri, 27 May, 08:30–11:50 (CEST) Room M1

  • 09:20–09:27 EGU22-7589 Cloud detection from IASI radiance for climate analysis purposes

Simon Whitburn, Lieven Clarisse, Pierre Coheur, and Cathy Clerbaux

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