AERIS participates in the EQUIPEX OBS4CLIM project!

OBS4CLIM (Integrated Atmosphere Observation System) is a project carried by 18 partners (CNRS being the coordinating institution) and which aims to develop the innovation of the three French components of the European Research Infrastructures (RI) in the field of the atmosphere: the research infrastructure ACTRIS, IAGOS, and ICOS.

OBS4CLIM is the “atmosphere” EquipEx project of the whole atmosphere community at the national level, and will allow the three French mirror RIs (ACTRIS-FRANCE, IAGOS-FRANCE, ICOS-FRANCE) to respond to the new challenges of Earth observation and to provide their users with qualified and relevant datasets, as well as innovative services.

This project aims to provide the Atmospheric Research Infrastructures with an adequate investment in order to continue to serve the users of atmospheric data in the most qualitative way possible for the next 15 years. In addition, OBS4CLIM will allow to answer new needs expressed, such as for example, to valorize the networks in their four dimensions (longer and uninterrupted time series, synergies with observations from space, a more global and dense network in specific regions, intelligent specializations…).

AERIS is involved in this project as a data center and will make available all atmospheric data of the OBS4CLIM project in collaboration with the Data Terra research infrastructure. The expertise of AERIS is crucial in this project because AERIS is already the data center of the different French Research Infrastructures dedicated to the atmosphere and this allows an optimization of the provision of OBS4CLIM products and services.

The launch of the project will take place on January 13, 2022 in Toulouse.