AERIS services involved in the PANAME 2022 campaigns

The PANAME initiative (“PAris region urbaN Atmospheric observations and models for Multidisciplinary rEsearch”) is a coordination effort involving several ongoing multidisciplinary research projects that aim to better understand atmospheric sources and chemical processes, as well as interactions between the structure of the city and processes in the atmospheric boundary layer of the urban environment of the Paris region. In this context, several measurement campaigns on the urban environment have been deployed since June 2022 in the Paris region and the data from these campaigns will be accessible on the PANAME portal.

Different themes concerning air quality, meteorology, climate change and health impacts will be addressed in these measurement campaigns:

  • The observation of atmospheric particles and air quality monitoring in the framework of RI-URBANS,
  • The impact of water stress of urban trees on air quality in the framework of the STREET campaign,
  • The impact of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions on air quality and the interactions between the urban environment and surrounding forests in the ACROSS campaign,
  • The study of the impact of exposure to heat and air pollution on health for a better characterisation and simulation of heat events in the framework of the H2C campaign,
  • Evaluation of the performance of numerical weather prediction models on a hectometric scale, in their capacity to predict extreme heat and thunderstorm events in the framework of the RDP Paris 2024 campaign,
  • Characterisation of the uncertainties and spatial representativeness of surface-atmosphere exchanges in heterogeneous environments in the framework of the MOSAI campaign,
  • Study the impact of air pollution on the health and performance of athletes in the framework of POLLUSPORT campaign,
  • Understand, predict and project the interactions between climate change and urban transformations in the ERC URBISPHERE campaign,
  • Mapping and developing a systematic greenhouse gas observation system for urban environments in the framework of H2020 Project  « PAUL – Pilot Applications in Urban Landscapes »
  • Develop systems for observing atmospheric dynamics in the urban environment, and to improve understanding of air flows, mixtures, transport and dispersion in the Dynamics project
Measuring chamber for volatile organic compound emissions in STREET campaign

Most of these measurement campaigns (STREET, H2C, ACROSS, RDP) benefit from AERIS campaign support, which includes the creation of a dedicated WordPress site to facilitate the daily planning of campaign operations by synthesising information from heterogeneous sources with the implementation of data recovery and processing “chains” specifically adapted to the needs of the campaign (for forecasts, satellite observations, ground stations, radars, etc. ) from various data centres (ECMWF, Météo France, Data Terra data centres, etc.). .). This site also integrates a catalogue of metadata allowing the description of the data sets acquired during the campaign. Connected to Datacite, this catalogue allows DOIs to be obtained automatically. Thanks to the AERIS Data Backup offer, the acquired data automatically benefits from a secure storage mechanism.

Screenshot of campaign support website made by AERIS with weather forecast
Screenshot of Radiosonde data used for the measurement campaigns at the AERIS support site

Moreover, AERIS is designing the PANAME data portal which will provide unified access to all the data from these measurement campaigns as well as to the visualisations of these data.

Logo of PANAME project

More information about these campaigns :

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