AERIS is part of the CAMS-81 consortium, a project of The Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service,  that is to provide gridded distributions of anthropogenic (global and Europe) and natural emissions (global only) in direct support of CAMS production chains, with target resolutions of 10 to 50 km (global) and 5 to 10 km (Europe. The emissions will include aerosol, NOx, NH3, SO2, DMS/OCS, NMVOCs, CO, CH4, N2O, CO2, certain halogen species and Radon-222. They must also be stratified into headline activity sectors. The period covered will be from 2000 to present for the global emissions, and from 2003 to as close as possible to present for the European regional emissions. Improving the representation of the temporal variations of emissions and investigating modelling methodologies to calculate certain emissions as a function of meteorological parameters (including forecasted ones) or of other proxies will be in scope of the developmental aspects of the work. ).

AERIS will be in charge of the Service Managment, the consistency between analysis and developements, and the support to data production and analysis, through ECCAD portal.