ESPRI/IPSL : Set of services dedicated to the IPSL research


The CDS (Centre for Data and Services) ESPRI is a part of the IPSL (Institut Pierre Simon Laplace) federation. It was created to support research studies in atmospheric and climate science and to encourage exploitation of all data expert knowledge in the fields of atmospheric chemistry, aerosols, clouds, radiation and water cycle. It is the result of the merging of the former Ether/IPSL data centre and a part of ClimServ data centre devoted to national activities.

The CDS is responsible of hosting and providing access to a significant archive of data acquired by satellite, balloons, aircraft, ground-based or from other sources and the aim is to make them available to the entire scientific community for exploitation by modelling or assimilation. It is also a vehicle for discussion and information on related scientific themes that may lead to greater comprehension and better use of existing data.


The CDS ESPRI main activities are:

  • acquisition, management, production and distribution of satellite data : IASI, GOME2 data from MetOp-A and Metop-B missions, TANSO-FTS and CAI data from GOSAT mission and GOMOS data,
  • management of campaign databases (Mistrals, Megapoli, …), ground-based database (NDACC-France), chime database (IUPAC) and spectroscopic database (GEISA),
  • daily production of potential vorticity data and maps from MIMOSA model, and atmospheric chemistry fields and maps from Reprobus model,
  • development of added values services oriented toward users : Ixion, tapas, arletty, …


The CDS ESPRI provides also to user computing and archiving facilities through the IPSL mesocentre :

  • batch computing (1200 cores/2 To RAM )
  • storage ( > 2 Po)
  • workspaces for projects.


The CDS is located at Paris (University Paris VI) and Palaiseau (Ecole Polytechnique).

Contact us

 CDS ESPRI/IPSL, UPMC, Bte 101, 4, place Jussieu, 75252 Paris Cedex