Feedback on the ACTRIS actors and users workshop by AERIS

From 18 to 21 October, the ACTRIS-FR research infrastructure held its stakeholders’ and users’ workshop in Oléron.

AERIS took full part in this event by leading several technical and scientific workshops and by coordinating the data working group (c. Boitel). The AERIS team presented version 2 of its catalogue to ACTRIS users. They led a workshop on FAIR principles, which allowed them to present AERIS’ practices on this issue. A workshop on the validation tools for data acquired by ACTRIS-FR was also proposed. AERIS had the opportunity to present during this event examples of innovative projects, such as the VOLCPLUME platform of our Data and Service Centre AERIS/ICARE, or the REOBS tool of our Data and Service Centre AERIS/ESPRI.

The exchanges were numerous and rich and AERIS is pleased with its collaboration with the research infrastructure ACTRIS-FR and looks forward to the next ACTRIS users’ workshop. Based on the positive feedback from the Workshop, further workshops on searching and vocabulary in the AERIS catalogue will be conducted in the future to get the widest possible feedback from the many AERIS users.

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Crédits photo : Bureau ACTRIS

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