IPSL’s ESPRI team awarded a Collectif Cristal Medal by CNRS

Each year, the CNRS rewards teams of women and men, research support staff, who have carried out projects whose technical mastery, collective dimension, applications, innovation and influence are particularly remarkable.
This year, the ESPRI team (Ensemble de Services Pour la Recherche à l’IPSL) received a Collectif Cristal for its work and commitment in building a data and computing infrastructure of excellence for climate research. ESPRI’s climate observation and simulation data are used in numerous national, European and international research projects and contribute to the advancement of scientific research in crucial areas such as environmental protection and the fight against climate change. In particular, part of the ESPRI team’s activities contribute to the national data and services infrastructure for the atmosphere, AERIS, by being one of its four data centres. The ESPRI IPSL data and computing centre gathers a set of services: massive storage facilities, high performance computing servers, micro-services platform, network infrastructure, computing and analysis software, all physically installed at the Ecole Polytechnique in a common room of the DSI and on the Pierre et Marie Curie campus of Sorbonne University in a room of the IPSL.

AERIS congratulates the whole ESPRI team!

Find the list of winners: https://www.cnrs.fr/fr/personne/cristal-collectif-2021

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