IUPAC website gets a new look!

IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) is the world’s authority on chemical nomenclature and terminology, including the naming of new elements in the periodic table, standard methods of measurement, atomic weights and many other critically evaluated data. The goal of IUPAC is to unite a fragmented global chemical community to advance the chemical sciences through collaboration and the free exchange of scientific information.

The structure of the IUPAC project is based on the constitution of working groups to implement the objectives of the project but also to promote communication between international scientists involved in the chemical sciences. AERIS is involved in the working group on “Evaluation of atmospheric chemical kinetics data” and manages the website of this working group.

As part of the request to redesign the website of this working group that was submitted via our AERIS call for projects service , the ESPRI/AERIS Data and Service Centre teams worked on the modernisation of this website and provided several improvements:

  • Website administration tools have been added to allow greater autonomy to the researchers members of the working group: From this administration menu, researchers can create, update and delete the different metadata of their scientific publications.
  • New technologies have been used for the implementation of this website facilitating the maintenance and allowing a homogenization with the AERIS websites. The user interface is more ergonomic and attractive.
  • New functionalities such as the “search” function is used and allows a search by reagents and/or products involved in the reaction described by the data sheet. New features have been added to this filter compared to the old version, such as the possibility to search for a character string and a field with auto-completion.

The official closing of this project by AERIS took place on 18 March and the AERIS teams greatly appreciated the collaboration with the IUPAC scientists. Maintenance of the website is planned to ensure that the site functions properly and to consolidate the existing system.
You can access all the data sheets concerning atmospheric kinetics and photochemical data here .

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