The “ReOBS” project aims to create a multi-parameter dataset with advanced quality control in a format that can be easily exploited by the scientific community for the study and understanding of climatic variables on a regional scale. The netcdf format has been chosen in order to provide the data but also the associated metadata following the international CF recommendations.

The “ReOBS” tool :

  1. adapts to the raw input data defined and provided by the users,
  2. applies a thorough quality control in order to detect and remove erroneous data via procedures documented in an ATBD accessible on demand,
  3. performs a temporal and/or spatial averaging of the data to meet the users’ demand,
  4. creates a complete, merged and documented netcdf file.

All developments are tracked on a git repository in order to document the different choices that have been made to build this database. In 2021, ReOBS was for the moment applied to the SIRTA datasets completed by six Météo-France sites in the Paris region in order to document the regional variability of certain variables. The final standardised multi-parameter dataset includes a set of indispensable variables such as aerosol/cloud/water vapour properties and thermodynamic/radiative/turbulent parameters, i.e. surface values, column integrated quantities and also vertical profiles.

Point of contact

Scientific contact: Jean-Charles Dupont (IPSL/POLYTECHNIQUE)

Technical contact: Christophe Boitel (LMD/IPSL)