Since the 1950s, the French research organizations have equipped aircraft to measure the atmosphere during experimental campaigns. These measurements were recorded in digital form, since the 1980s.

Safire portal’s main objective is to dig up old archives, collected with the Fokker – 27 ‘ARAT’ and Merlin IV aircraft, then to make them available to scientists and the public.

In addition to the old data, its vocation is to put online scientific data collected on current SAFIRE aircraft, namely FALCON20 , ATR42 and PIPER AZTEC.

In short, Safire is a data center that includes more than 30 years of atmospheric and environmental archives from 191 campaigns listed to date.

The atmospheric instruments can be placed on a variety of platforms:

  • mobile surface : truck, boat …
  • fixed : Mast , buoy , station …
  • mobile air : balloon, drone, research aircrafft, online aircraft, dropsonde
  • space : geostationary satellite or scrolling.

Instruments concened by Safire are placed on aerial platforms only.


In situ and remote sensing measurements are operated by specific instruments. The measured parameters are about the following types :

  • avionics for navigation instruments (speed , height , heading, … )
  • physical (wind, turbulence, … )
  • thermodynamics ( temperature, humidity, radiation , …)
  • microphysics (size and shape of the droplets in the clouds …)
  • chemical (concentrations of different compounds )
  • aerosols (types, forms , ..)

The data download can be done by campaign, aircraft or flight.

  Data access

SAFIRE data portal :