StratoClim is a FP7 EU project aiming at elucidating the impact of the Asian Monsoon on the composition of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere and the induced climate effect. The central activity is an airborne campaign conducted with the M55 Geophysica equipped with a comprehensive payload that fully characterizes the chemical composition , the ice crystals and the aerosols in the tropical tropopause layer. The main campaign will occur from Khatmandu (Nepal) from 18 July to 13 August 2017. It has been preceeded by a test campaign from Kalamata (Greece) in late August and early September 2016.
AERIS is provided a support for the flight planning and the analysis of the results. This consists on the one hand in a meteorological and air composition forecast support based on the ECMWF forecast and on the other hand in calculating estimated future trajectories of the air detrained from high convective clouds observed by geostationary satellites.
The information is provided using a web interface with a taylored ergonomy to facilitate the navigation between maps and the comparison of forecasts.