The AERIS catalogue gets a new look

On Thursday 7 October, the upgrade to the new version of the AERIS catalogue took place. This new version allows a better implementation of the FAIR principles (principles used in the context of open science to improve the ease of retrieval, accessibility, interoperability and reuse of digital resources) and allows a better interoperability between the different AERIS CDS and our partners.

Among the new features of this catalogue, we can notice the authentication to the catalogue via the AERIS SSO (you can connect via RENATER, ORCID or by creating an account directly on AERIS), an online edition of the metadata sheets, a more flexible design and a better ergonomics of the metadata sheets (with templates customizable by project) , the semi-automatic generation of DOIs (at the request of project PIs), the addition of an “interoperability” tab which indicates the level of FAIRNESS of a metadata record and finally the evolution of the metadata format and the AERIS thesaurus.

The AERIS catalogue aims to provide an exhaustive view of all the cluster’s data: not necessarily with a direct download, but often with links to dedicated portals (e.g. EUROCHAMP, IAGOS, etc.). A system of filters (project, theme, etc.) also makes it possible to show a subset of the catalogue on a project’s site, in particular by customising the search criteria proposed. In the catalogue, the metadata are described in a specific AERIS format but compatible with standards (ISO 19115, INSPIRE, etc.) and extensible to adapt to the specificities of certain types of data (airborne data, simulation chambers, etc.). An export to standard formats or to other portals can be set up on request.
A video presentation of the catalogue is available on the AERIS Youtube channel.

Do not hesitate to give your feedback on this new version of the catalogue and on the content of the metadata sheets!

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