Space data


Over past years CNRM has developed with support from AERIS/ICARE the AERUS-GEO suite of Aerosols and Surface properties products ( Initially aimed at providing a daily averaged Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) from SEVIRI sensors aboard the MSG satelliteseries, the project is now about to provide retrievals of aerosol properties at 15-min intervals thanks to the new i-AERUS-GEO algorithm (currently under validation). Also, thanks to […]


Goals The scientific objectives of the Microcarb mission are to provide the scientific community with the information (vertical CO2 concentration columns) to monitor the surface fluxes of CO2 between land, atmosphere, oceans and vegetation.  These objectives are similar to those of the NASA-JPL OCO-2 mission.  A particularity of Microcarb is to achieve this objective with […]


The aim of the mission is to provide the global measurements of aerosols and clouds needed to achieve a better understanding of their role in climate, and to improve our ability to predict long-term climate change and seasonal or inter-annual variations. Calipso is an Earth science mission. Its initial duration was 3 years but the […]


The project Developed by CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) in partnership with Eumetsat (EUropean organisation for the exploitation of METeorological SATellites), the IASI (Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer) instrument was designed for operational meteorology and for monitoring atmospheric chemistry and climate. IASI is a thermal infrared Fourier transform spectrometer flying onboard the Metop-A (2006), Metop-B (2012) […]


The project Megha-Tropiques is a space mission jointly managed by the space agencies CNES and ISRO. This mission is designed to study the convective systems of the atmosphere and more particularly the analysis of the water cycle through the transport and distribution of water vapor, the life cycle of convective systems and energy exchanges in […]


Scientific goals The scientific objectives of Parasol are to characterise the radiative and microphysical properties of clouds and aerosols eby making the best use of the complementary nature of the data provided by the various sensors on the AQUA platform, and those of the Calipso and CLOUDSAT missions. For a long time only greenhouse gases […]