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Products These products are described here : ACTRIS/EARLINET stations :, LOA station, CE370 lidar :, LOA station, double layer lidar :, LOA station, LILAS lidar :, Mbour station, CE370 lidar :, […]


The project The MIMOSA model (Modélisation Isentrope du transport Méso-échelle de l’Ozone Stratosphérique par Advection) has been developed at Service d’Aéronomie in the frame of the European Union project METRO […]


The “ReOBS” project aims to create a multi-parameter dataset with advanced quality control in a format that can be easily exploited by the scientific community for the study and understanding […]


The 4A/OP software package is the operational version of the fast and accurate radiative transfer model 4A (Automatized Atmospheric Absorption Atlas), developed, maintained and validated at LMD. The 4A high […]


The project REPROBUS (Reactive Processes Ruling the Ozone Budget in the Stratosphere) is a Chemical Transport Model that describes the stratospheric chemistry by means of 55 chemical species and 147 […]

SOFT-IO version 1.0

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Name Description Start date End date Data access
BAMED Balloons over the Mediterranean sea BAMED (Balloons over the Mediterranean sea) is a model providing trajectory forecasts for BPLB (Boundary Layer Pressurized Balloons) over the Mediterranean sea. - - -
GIRAFE reGIonal ReAl time Fire plumEs Presentation GIRAFE is a software which provides forecasts of plumes trajectories. Trajectories are calculated using lagrangian dispertion model FLEXPART and ECMWF meteorological fields. GIRAFE uses fire detections of MODIS satellite […] - - -