Website hosting

WordPress website hosting

This offering is open to all projects subject to the AERIS call for projects.
It is the responsibility of the applicant to write and update the website’s content (articles, news, etc.), to define the tree structure and to provide all or part of the content before the website is created.

This offering is managed for AERIS by the SEDOO Data and Service Centre.

AERIS will:

  • provide through-life support for the website
  • make daily backups of the website
  • perform automated website monitoring
  • regularly migrate the technical foundation (WordPress + Plugins)
  • provide a website administrator account for editing content
  • provide user support


The proposed website hosting service is limited in terms of templates and plugins:

  • The only two templates that can be used are provided by SEDOO: the Project template and the Lab template.

The Project template is intended to disappear, any new site is made with the lab template.
No evolution will be made on the project template.
The SEDOO focuses its developments on the Lab template.

  • SEDOO selects the different extensions available. This choice is based on criteria such as licence, reliability and maintenance.
    However, SEDOO may consider new plugins suggested by a user.


Depending on the context of the project, fees may apply. They are described in the following price list: