Website hosting

WordPress website hosting

This offer is open to all projects submitted to the AERIS call for projects.
It is the responsibility of the applicant to write and update the contents (articles, news…). The applicant undertakes to define the tree structure and to provide all or part of the editorial content before creating the site.

This offer is carried for AERIS by CDS SEDOO.

AERIS is committed to :

  • maintain the site in operational condition
  • make daily backups of the site
  • carry out automated site monitoring
  • to carry out a regular migration of the technical base (WordPress + Plugins)
  • provide a site administrator account for editing content
  • provide user support


The proposed hosting offer is limited in terms of templates and plugins:

The only two templates that can be used are those set up by the SEDOO: the Project template and the Labo template.
The SEDOO selects the different extensions available. This choice is based on criteria such as licence, reliability and maintenance.
However, the SEDOO can study the implementation of new plugins after a user’s suggestion.