Data and Services for the Atmosphere

The AERIS atmosphere Data and Services Centre federates national data management activities and atmospheric science expertise.

Whether data from long-term observation sites recording the causes and signs of climate change, the results of major field or aerial surveys to better understand the chemistry and physics of our atmosphere, measurements from satellites that constantly observe and probe Earth and its atmosphere, or the results of laboratory experiments, all atmospheric research data are intended to be stored, distributed and combined by AERIS. Learn more.

AERIS also provides support to scientists through a continuous open call for projects. If you would like to know more, go here.



AERIS participates in the EQUIPEX OBS4CLIM project!

OBS4CLIM (Integrated Atmosphere Observation System) is a project carried by 18 partners (CNRS being the coordinating institution) and which aims to develop the innovation of the three French components of the European Research Infrastructures (RI) in the field of the atmosphere: the research infrastructure ACTRIS, IAGOS, and ICOS. OBS4CLIM is the “atmosphere” EquipEx project of […]


Feedback on the ACTRIS actors and users workshop by AERIS

From 18 to 21 October, the ACTRIS-FR research infrastructure held its stakeholders’ and users’ workshop in Oléron. AERIS took full part in this event by leading several technical and scientific workshops and by coordinating the data working group (c. Boitel). The AERIS team presented version 2 of its catalogue to ACTRIS users. They led a […]


The AERIS catalogue gets a new look

On Thursday 7 October, the upgrade to the new version of the AERIS catalogue took place. This new version allows a better implementation of the FAIR principles (principles used in the context of open science to improve the ease of retrieval, accessibility, interoperability and reuse of digital resources) and allows a better interoperability between the […]

Upcoming events


French Aerosols Congress

Since 1984, the ASFERA helds annual two-day conferences in Paris. The “Congres Français sur les Aérosols” (CFA) covers a wide range of topics : aerosol physics, aerosol chemistry, aerosol instrumentation, aerosol sampling, nanoparticles, filtration, bioaerosols, atmospheric aerosols, indoor and outdoor aerosols, exposure to dust at work, inhalation toxicology and therapy, nuclear safety and radiation protection, […]


Three-day open science conference aims to bring together members of different atmospheric science communities and discuss the latest scientific breakthroughs e.g., in in air quality and climate research. The contributions are solicited on the topics covering all aspects of ACTRIS scientific activities. Furthermore, ACTRIS would like to encourage participation of the scientists working in the […]


2022 Living Planet Symposium

Attracting thousands of scientists and data users, ESA’s Living Planet Symposia are amongst the biggest Earth observation conferences in the world. For decades now Earth observation has played a fundamental role in advancing our understanding of how our planet works and how it is being affected by climate change. While the need to continue to […]

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